Frequently Asked Questions

Our score centre is incredibly simple to use, these FAQ’s will hopefully convince you that Pitchside can help you with your tournament administration. We are reasonably priced and can offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Not at the moment, we are working on a demo which will allow you to try out our features before purchasing.

Yes - Simply enter a # into the result box and it will automatically state the game has been played but no tables will be shown.

That's simple, providing your tournament hasn't started simply reschedule your fixtures again. This will replace your old ones.

Yes of course, simply go back into your admin panel and change the result. The league table will automatically adjust.

Yes - you can simply put a dot in the box of the winning team and they will receive a 0-0 win.

Sorry but we accept no responsibility for lack of mobile network coverage during your tournament and you should check that sufficient mobile network coverage is available prior to purchasing.

Due to the nature of the system we are unable to refund monies paid if your tournament is cancelled. However, if your tournament is re-arranged within 28 days we will honour this.

We will keep your fixtures and results for three days after your tournament, however we are unable to keep them after this. We will archive your tournament and you will be able to access it via your admin panel.